10 London Marathon Pictures to see Bravery, Tension & Fun

London Marathon pictures reflecting on the drama, tension and fun at the start of the 2016 event.

London Marathon Pictures - Wheelchair Athletes
Wheelchair Athletes were the first to start.

Despite the freezing cold, the race began with bold bravery. The elite athletes from the wheelchair, ambulant, women’s and men’s groups led the way. Next came tens of thousands of general runners. Many raising money for good causes. Some serious in the athletic ambitions.  Others sacrificing, perhaps, their quickest times to deliver a sense of fun and gain more visual attention for their cause. The London Marathon pictures following, reflect on the different aspects of the build up in tension and start of the Virgin Money 2016 London Marathon.

London Marathon Pictures - Ambulant Race Athletes
Ambulant Athletes, including guides for those with needing assistance with sight issues, were the next to begin the Race.
London Marathon Pictures - Elite Women's Race
Elite Women Athletes setting personal timers as they begin the 26 plus mile trial.
London Marathon Pictures - Elite Men's Race
The Elite Men’s Race start also signalled the beginning of the thousands of mass participation eventers at the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon.
London Marathon Pictures - Runner with Union Flag
Runner flying the UK Union Flag in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016.
London Marathon Pictures - Where's Wally?
Where’s Wally? (or Where’s Waldo?) with other runners at the London Marathon start.

Spectators were not left on the sidelines at the start either. A community choir and dance show with acrobatics and fire-juggling helped keep the chill away and the crowds entertained. Whilst runners and race officials prepared for the start.


Dancers and Fire Juggling Virgin Money London Marathon 2016
Dancers and Fire Juggling entertaining the crowd prior to the start of the London Marathon 2016.
London Marathon Pictures - Choir performing
Choir performing before the start of the Marathon.


London Marathon Pictures - Dancers Performing
Dancers performing in the build up to the start of the Marathon.
London Marathon Pictures - Fire Crew in Fire Engine Costume being interviewed by BBC Gaby Logan
Fire Crew about to be interviewed by BBC’s Gaby Logan at the Marathon.
London Marathon Pictures - BBC Colin Jackson interviewing particpants
BBC’s Sports Presenter and ex Sprint and Hurdle Athlete, Colin Jackson, interviewing London Marathon 2016 particpants. But is that Coldpay’s Chris Martin just behind him?



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