Stuart Smith Photographer and Filmmaker

About Stuart Smith Photographer, Filmmaker and Creative Content Producer

Self Portrait Photograph by Stuart Smith

Visual content through films and photography are such an important part of our Digital experience. They let us share the important moments in life with friends and family around the world through Social Media and help us make the decisions on what we should buy and what our politics will be.

Smartphones mean we can all produce and share content and that is great. Sometimes, though we need someone who can help us create content that marks out a special moment for us. That’s where I come in. Whether you are an individual looking for a photographic portrait that tells their special story or a business planning the launch of a new product I can help make sure the story is told well and reaches its target audience.

I carefully craft my images and films. I work with light and shadow to build a scene and set the right mood. Planning my imagery is very important because it helps keep things on time and on budget and consistent with the vision.

Throughout this site, you will see examples of the images and films I have produced. The portfolio also has background information on the photoshoots and films created. Please do ask me more about them, if you have questions or queries. I am active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I would love to help bring your stories to life in photographs and moving images. Please get in-touch and let’s talk about how I can help you.